Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation

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‘Modernizing European Higher Music Education through Improvisation – METRIC’ (2015-2018) is a cooperative project between several European conservatoires and the AEC in a strategic partnership supported by the ERASMUS+ program that focuses on curriculum development and intensive cooperation in the field of improvisation in higher music education.

The METRIC Project aims at the further development of the above-mentioned modernization process through the notable effect that improvisation education will have on existing curricula. Two important objectives of the 2011 EU Modernization Agenda are addressed in this project:

  • Improving the quality and relevance of higher education
  • Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation 

As a result, provides an overview of the work done by a network of leading European institutions in the area of improvised music, their related curricular structures, learning and teaching approaches, methodologies and performing practices.

Central to are:

Manual for teaching and learning Improvisation in European Conservatoires, which is designed as an online resource for institutions, teachers and students to improve the quality of their curricula, tuition and individual competences related to improvised music.

the creation of Joint European Modules, designed to share and develop the knowledge, traditions and experiences of the participating institutions by encouraging teachers and students to engage in educational mobility and cross-border cooperation.

The topics covered by the METRIC Project include all areas and contexts of improvised music, from stylistic, tonal and modal, through to free improvisation.

To raise collective interest and awareness among institutions, teachers and students active in the field of improvisation engaged in producing a wide range of articles, videos, essays, research and current improvisation-related events, all of which are presented on the METRIC website. A framework for reliable, objective and creative assessment criteria for improvisation is also offered for consideration and use.

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“Mankind’s first musical performance couldn’t have been anything other than a free improvisation.”

- Derek Bailey