Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation


If you are looking for material to support your improvisation teaching, to deepen your knowledge on this topic or to find interesting events related to the improvisation practice, this is the right place! Different kind of resources on improvisation are available in this section of the METRIC website. Read more below and get inspired!

Assessment criteria

In the development of the joint modules in the framework of the METRIC Project, an important point of discussion was a common approach to assessment. This discussion resulted in the development of two important outcomes: a set of common assessment criteria for improvisation and an approach towards the exchange of (international) external examiners.
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Member institutions of the METRIC Network conducted and are conducting research projects on the topic of improvisation.
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Concerts archive

Since 2011, throughout the different phases of the METRIC Project, many improvisation concerts have been recorded, especially as outcomes of intensive programmes, masterclasses and workshops.
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Educational resources

To raise collective interest and awareness among institutions, teachers and students active in the field of improvisation engage in producing and collecting a range of articles, videos, essays, research and improvisation-related events.
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Online Sessions