Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation
Solo Instrument Specific

Voice Games

Anne-Liis Poll |Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Voice Games exercises

  1. Playing with voiceless consonants
  2. Conversations with pitches
  3. Playing with percussive vocal techniques (ejectives, fricatives, plosives)
  4. Long notes and melodies
  5. Improvisational story-telling (syllables and words)
  6. Assimilating the material
  7. A short character piece

Author Anne-Liis Poll

Institution Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Players Kadi Jürgens, Kärt Kaljaspolik, Satu Tillanen, Kristjan-Jaanek Mölder, Aita Vaher

Date and place of recording EAMT , 21.10.2017

Editor/Director/Camera Madis Kukk