Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation
Small Ensemble

Series 2 - Ensemble improvisations, from baroque style to tonally free

David Dolan |Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London

Exercise 1: Tonal duo improvisation, preparing for baroque style

Flautist responds to an improvised introduction in baroque style which then develops to a prelude.

Exercise 2: Trio musical mind-reading

Singer improvising both music and text, developing a narrative and ambiance, and the flautist remains an active partner. While both are telepathizing melodically, they are also following unrehearsed, changing harmonic progressions from the piano.

Exercise 3: Tonally-free, Classical structures: string quartet, voice and piano

String quartet, singer and pianist in a tonally-free fantasy- prelude. The singer contributes both narrative and ambiance with the string players as equal partners, while the piano provides structure and motivic development.

Author David Dolan

Institution Guildhall School of Music & Drama - London

Players Rosie Bowker (Fl), David Dolan (Pn).

Date of recording 04.03.2017

Editor Mark Rainbow (GSMD)