Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation

Phrases, Improvisation with Urban Maeder

Urban Maeder |HSLU (Lucerne University of Applied Arts)

1) Perception and creation are related

My favorite method is based on the fundamental insight that perception and creation are related. The more I can give myself to the sounds and courses that occur, the more specific are my ideas to the surroundings. Listening attentively is the focus. This hearing is not analytical, however, and does not aim at a specific anticipation or thinking ahead to the musical course. It is a form of intense listening which can even lead to the idea that one creates all the happening things themselves.That's the basic idea.

2) Short Phrases (ca 5-15")

  • Everyone will play just one short sound per phrase. (conducted)
  • Hearing the sound-sequence as a coherent flow

3) More short Phrases

  • The ensemble plays without a conductor
  • Everyone will play more than one sound per phrase.
  • The sounds can be different and longer

4) A few phrases and hearing the whole thing

  • Longer sounds, figures and repetitions

Author Urban Maeder

Institution HSLU (Lucerne University of Applied Arts)

Players Noemi von Felten Harp/Cataldo Glauco Guitar/Guo Wen Horn/Inglin Jonas Trombone/Karbacher Eva-Maria Saxophone/Moor Laurin Double Bass/Werger Valerio Electro Bass/Schorro Raphael Piano/Thomas Thibaud Drums

Date of recording 28.06.2017

Editor/Director/Camera Lena Maeder