Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation
Large Ensemble

How to integrate Messiaen's techniques into an improvisation

Yves Senden |Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium (AP Hogeschool)

Step 1: Introduction to Mode nr.2. with limited transposition possibilities.

Step 2: not only the scale but also some chord configurations are trained.

Step 3: Improvise with the scale and the chords.

Step 4: Introduction of the the added value (rhythm).

Step 5: the added value (rhythm) is integrated in an improvisation.

Step 6: further exercise on the added value (rhythm).

Step 7: the wheel in wheel (6x5) procedure is introduced.

Step 8: a final improvisation with all elements.

Author Yves Senden

Institution Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium (AP Hogeschool)

Players Sebastian Espinoza Carrasco, piano, Eirik Hermundstad Sanner, euphonium, Magnus Løvseth, Tuba, Dominykas Norkunas, guitar

Date of recording 04.03.2017

Editor Yves Senden Director Yves Senden Camera NN