Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation
Small Ensemble

Forming the ends of improvisations

Anto Pett |Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

A cycle of five short pieces each member of the ensemble will start one piece and suggest an ending for it. For solo and ensemble practice. The aim is to develop the ability to conclude the pieces clearly and decisively, both solo and collective understanding the endings of the forms.

Author Anto Pett

Institution Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Players Hélèle Elst (contra bassoon), Wilco Oomkes (accordion), Mykolas Bazaras (piano), Julien Sarmiento Escobar (double bass) and Ruth Nelson (viola)

Date and place of recording Royal Conservatoire of  Den Haag, 5.03.2017

Editor/Director/Camera Madis Kukk