Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation

Body warming up

Paul Dinneweth |Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Start walking around and copy the movements of one leader / the leader clicks a next person who changes the tempo, style, expression,… and the group copies / the he(she) clicks a third person etc…You can make a variation eg by adding a second leader; the group chooses which leader to follow and the leaders can click a new person too. This exercise stimulates a lot the group-contact, taking a decision, adding new ideas,…

Author Paul Dinneweth

Institution Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Players Thomas Dulfer, Cécile Artigau, Blanca Eliasson, Sophia Prodanova, Nicole Petrus Barracks, Michael Sagulin, Simonas Kaupinis, Olga Xavier, Suvi Linnovaara, Bendik Sells, Lisa Baeyens

Date and place of recording Metric Glasgow 10.04.2018

Editor / Director / Camera Alistair MacDonald, Aaron Shorr