Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation

Institutions: Leipzig

Leipzig: Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig

The Improvisation curriculum of the Leipzig Hochschule was founded in 1991. It follows in the tradition of Emile Jaques Dalcoze(Rhythmic), Mary Wigman and Gret Palucca (Modern Dance) in Dresden, and Günther Ramin and Robert Köbler (Music) in Leipzig

The focus of our work is on free improvisation (all instruments and voice in solo and groups) and teaching improvisation. In Leipzig one can study improvisation in several forms, as a master course in connection with music education training, or as a second major subject in different forms (improvisation for solo and groups, teaching praxis, methodologie of improvisation, silent movie). In addition, improvisation groups meet weekly for all those interested. Besides course study and concerts, there is a special course in which dance improvisation is an important part of the training. There are also a long-standing cooperation with the jazz department.

We have many years experience in organizing events of various kinds in the field of improvisation.

-International Winter Course for Improvisation in Dresden in cooperation with the Palucca Schule Dresden

-Herbstkurs für Improvisation in Leipzig

-International Improvisation Competition in Leipzig

Now we have three teachers with their own speciality in free improvisation, stylistic improvisation, ancient music, contemporary and jazz improvisation, teaching and conducting, dance and folklore.

Key persons

Tilo Augsten (piano): improvisation for all instruments and voice; silent movie; dance improvisation, teaching improvisation

Dr. Frank Liebscher (saxophone/arrangement) Jazz theory/arrangement, ensemble playing and conducting, improvisation-, music- and practice methodology, deliberate practice, performance studies

Wolfram Dix (drums and percussion): rhythmic improvisation for groups, intuitive improvisation, instant composing

Michael Lauer (acoustic guitar): guitar improvisation; flamenco improvisation

Michael Schorcht (piano/vocal): improvisation for vocal ensembles; verbal and literary improvisation


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Tilo Augsten

Frank Liebscher