Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation

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  • warm up games: a warm up is any kind of exercise which is used to begin a session, a practice session at your instrument, or which is helping to build up a afvorable state of mind for improvisation…

  • tonal/classical improvisation: in a tonal improvisation, a tonal center and hierarchy is used as a reference and serves as an anchor to attach a musical discourse. The nature of this discourse can vary greatly.

  • free improvisation: a method to create music without any predeterminations. It is based on the idea that every player can make decisions on any point on the timeline. We consider it as a form of (Co-) composing in time.

  • extra musical improvisation: an extramusical improvisation is a kind of improvisation (not using musical elements) which stands in relation/contact with other art forms like dance, movie, theatre, acting etc.

  • solo, instrument specific: exercises for solo instruments including specific instrumental skills.

  • small ensemble: exercises for any kind of small groups from duo up to quintet.

  • large ensemble: exercises for any kind of larger ensembles from quintet up to orchestra.

  • cross arts: videos with any kind of combination of improvisation with other art forms and media.

For a detailed guide on the improvisation terminology used in the METRIC Network, please see the