Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation

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Göteborg: Academy of Music and Drama

The Academy of Music and Drama trains and educates composers, music, dance, and theatre teachers, musical theatre artists, musicians in many genres, opera-singers, performance artists and actors.This means that we represent a unique breadth among artistic academies in Sweden, with unique opportunities for cooperating across genre limits. We have over 150 teachers who are often engaged in several different programmes and courses, as are the many guest teachers visiting us for shorter or longer periods. Our students number almost 600. The Academy of Music and Drama is one of three departments belonging to the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg. In cooperation with the faculty, we carry out postgraduate education and research in several different fields.Read more about the Academy of Music and Drama on our website. Our expertise within music improvisation can be found especially within our improvisation and world music programmes, as well as our programmes in church music and organ music.

The Academy of Music and Drama has an international joint master programme in Improvisation, The Composing Musician (NoCoM), in collaboration with the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and with the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. The programme is aimed towards students who want to enhance their practical knowledge as improvising musicians while also having a clear focus on their own composing. We also have a World and Improvisation Centre (WIC) which is a platform for collaboration between the programmes in improvisation and world music. The goal is to bring together broader expertise, raise quality and integrate research and development in teaching. As a student in the programmes, you have access to both teachers and ongoing research in both fields. In addition, students meet and collaborate across genres in their joint courses. And as a result of the participation in the METRIC project the Academy of Music and Drama will also incorporate new ideas of how to use improvisation in the education of our classical programmes.


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