Modernizing European Higher Music Education Through Improvisation

Joint Modules: Issues in

Contemporary Improvisation_

Issues in Contemporary Improvisation

Hochschule Luzern Musik and
Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo


Level students:

BA and MA


Part 1 - 16-20 November 2020
Improvisational strategies for large groups and in the studio

Part 2 -  spring/fall semester 2021
Band Sound in Improvised Music

  • Total 6 ECTS (3 ECT each part)
  • Format: Group lessons, recordings and individual tasks
  • Distance learning/teaching option
  • Assessment: group lessons, recordings, final concert
  • Grading: pass/fail
  • Language: English

Teachers will be collaborating in between individual tasks. The final concert will be organised at the end of the programme with the large ensemble concert/recording.

Open for:

students in Luzern studying BA with a focus on improvisation and MA with Minor Improvisation; and Jazz and Improvisation students in Oslo.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, students will be familiar with different strategies in improvisation for large groups and use the studio as a tool in real time composition; have an overview of aesthetic possibilities and structural tools for improvised ensemble performance.


International Collaboration in Contemporary Improvisation

From Score to Creation

The Improvising Classical Ensemble

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